Welcome to St. Luke's!

Something special happens when people come together to learn about and worship God.  Barriers seem to disappear, minds tend to open and lives are transformed.  At St. Luke's Episcopal Church, something special happens every day.

For 130 years, we've been here for individuals, families, students and children at every age and stage in life. Always serving one purpose: to help people come to know and experience Jesus Christ.

Whether you're already a part of our family or coming through our doors for the very first time, you'll find a place for learning, celebration and encouragement.  A place for you.  We, together with Chiropractor in North Vancouver, BC (Main Site), Maple Ridge presale assignments (Homepage), Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skin Care, and Personal Real Estate Corporation welcome you here!



Sunday Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist Rite II        9:30
Coffee & Fellowship        10:30
Sunday School                11:00
Quick Seminar About Bathroom Vanities Factory Direct (Perfect Bath)  1:00



Welcome to St. Luke's!

Reflections from the Rector

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